Hadees Kisa Fundamentals Explained

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قالَ: وَعَلَيْكِ السَّلامُ يَا بِنْتِي وَيَا بِضْعَتِي قَدْ أَذِنْتُ لَكِ هُمْ أَهْلُ بَيْتِ النُّبُوَّةِ وَمَعْدِنُ الرِّسالَةِ From the verse of purity the term Bayt is singular, and is not wives of Ahle Bayt but Ahle Buyoot, that means of different houses, and Alif and Laam continues to be enjoined to http://collinydded.blogpostie.com/20454997/5-essential-elements-for-hadees-e-kisa-in-urdu


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