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This webpage is introduced to you personally by the OWL at Purdue College. When printing this webpage, you need to contain your entire legal notice. Your annotation need to now go on to briefly assess the value of the source to an investigation of your investigation issue or issue. 在应考作文时,有时由于审题不慎,写对一半才发现文章偏题或者离题,但若重新构思则又没有充裕的时间。在这种情... https://allkindsofsocial.com/story12590835/the-2-minute-rule-for-%E6%B3%A8%E9%87%8A%E5%8F%82%E8%80%83%E4%B9%A6%E7%9B%AE%E4%BB%A3%E5%86%99


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